Who is Scout? (by Rob)

Scout is a seven year old Working Cocker Spaniel whose parents were prize-winning gun dogs. She hates the sound of gunfire. She walks and runs over 50 miles every single week – when were are out cycling, it is normal for her to run 25 -28 miles in one day. She's also very fond of kayaking since it's easy to slip up quietly behind the ducks and scare them out of their wits!

She lives the life of a dog-princess, the best food, best exercise regime and two country homes where she can race about in open fields or moorland right outside the door.

She is well known in pubs and tea rooms across the southwest of the Peak National Park. Indeed, at some of these places, she regularly comes home with a big parcel of “trimmings” from the carvery.

Scout loves the attention of people and likes nothing better than to kidnap passers-by to demand a tummy rub & ear ruffle.

Her best friends are two tiger-striped cats with whom she likes to stretch out on their sofa.

Who’s Rob? (by Scout)

Rob is an old man.  He’s MY old man.

He has creaky knees, wonky feet and, since he fell down the steps at The Hanging Stone, his neck and shoulder ache all the time. When his joints are playing up, he sometimes swears a lot!

He’s deafer than a gatepost – says he can’t hear anything much at all because of the noise in his head.

It’s hard to imagine that he used to be a rock climber and marathon runner! He's walked some of the most remote parts of North America and the Swedish Arctic, as well as in the Alps and Picos de Europa in Spain. He used to have a proper job as an engineer in "high hazard engineering" (whatever that is!), but nowadays he just wants to go out walking, cycling and kayaking – that’s in between eating.

He eats like vultures eat – too much and too fast. He says he is compelled to eat at every pub and tea room within 20 miles so that;

         1) He supports the rural economy
         2) He can pass on fresh advice and comments to our guests

I say that he’s just a greedy old man….

He’s not a bad cook and enjoys cooking dinner for friends when they come to Roachside Cottage.

Rob learned to cook (and to use a washing machine, ironing board, cash point etc., etc.) when he was widowed some years ago. He says he’s still “on a learning curve”. He’s certainly still learning to keep the house tidy – he is just so disorganised – says it’s a condition of getting older!

He also loves looking after Roachside Cottage – it’s the fulfilment of a lifetime ambition to own an iconic Peak District stone cottage. He has been climbing and walking on The Roaches since the mid-1950s and knows every nook and cranny like a dog would, so he’s a really good person to own such a place and promote the area.

Rob & Scout kayaking on Rudyard Lake, just a short drive from Roachside Cottage