Climbing The Roaches at night to watch the valley turn to man-made sparkles while the sun went down; until the human-glare was overtaken by the vast moorlands of darkness, reminded me that although we seem to do so much harm to the environment, there may be a balance after all.

Ludschurch was a delight, not least because it is not a "church"! We felt the nearness of innocent joy that the first to name the place must have felt too.

The boys enjoyed paddleboarding along with the hearty pub meals. We;ve played way too much "Yahtzee", not to mention "Slam" & "Scrabble" with warming fires.

The cottage is so well stocked. It has been an absolute pleasure to stay and explore from here. I'd love to come back. Thank you Robert and the lovely Scout.

Jude (12), Theo (15), Alice, Martin & Zac (18)