Dogs are welcome at Roachside Cottage on payment of a small fee and on condition that they are well behaved and are not allowed on the furnishings or to go upstairs. (one once ate a table leg in the holiday cottage of someone we know!) There are two sets of dog bowls in the kitchen. You’ll need to bring your own dog bed.

Scout's Message to Canine Guests

“Roachside is a brilliant place for dogs, lots of open moorland to race about on, chasing pheasants and grouse. They always get away, but they are great sport and, as I always say, scaring the wits out of them keeps them on their toes so that they are less likely to be shot dead or, in the case of dim-witted pheasants, run over by cars. There are forests full of smells, rock crevices to poke your nose into and, in the wet season, plenty of mud.

Please remember that this is Sheep Country and the sheep farmers are our friends, neighbours and, most importantly, the people who look after and maintain the scenery that surrounds us.

I’m pretty blasé about sheep. We have Swaledales and Herdwicks either side our home, so sheep don’t bother me and I don’t generally bother them. For you guys who like to chase woolybacks – DON’T. We see several dead sheep every spring and summer on the paths hereabouts, frequently with baby lambs dead beside them. That makes me sad.

Please remind your humans to kerb your urges and keep you under control. On a fixed lead if necessary – it saves a lot of trouble – and it could save your life. Farmers can legitimately shoot dogs who are harassing their livestock and owners can be faced with legal action.

Many local pubs are dog-friendly; The Lazy Trout, Rose & Crown usually have lots of people who will pet you and give you a biscuit.
The Ship at Wincle actually has a DOG MENU – take your humans, the people who own the place won’t mind, even if they are a bit wet and grubby. (Your humans, that is, not the ladies at The Ship!)”

Roachside Cottage has underfloor heating - if you've never tried it, there really is nothing quite like stretching out full length on a toasty warm floor!