Roachside Cottage

Part of the living landscape of the Roaches

Peak District National Park - Upper Hulme, Nr Leek ST13 8UB

As a lifelong insomniac, it is not unknown for me to wake Scout from her doggie slumber, to head out on the hills for an "early morning" walk. Sometimes this may seem a little extreme - 2 a.m. is not unknown. To be out on the Roaches ridge in the starlight is very special. Even better to be out when the moon is bright and clear - there is less chance of breaking one's neck tripping over a rock. To be out in the stillness of the pre-dawn, as the sky lightens into faint pastel shades over the moorland to the east, is an experience I'm always mystified appeals to very few others. Well, after a night of next to no sleep and three cups of milky tea, we set off towards Roach End about 4.50 am. The rain was relentless, the wind even more so. So we just got wet.....
Some website editing problems tonight. The booking calendar is driving me to distraction! Time to "phone a friend" - except in my case it has to be "e-mail a friend" - since my hearing aids won't connect to the new phone. Technology!!
Monday night was a fabulous night for watching the sky. The large half-moon set around midnight and the air was crystal clear. Sat outside with the binoculars looking up (and into the past!) until I was dizzy! Scout isn't too interested in stars, so she was snuffling about in the bracken, presumable chasing little night creatures.
Watching the sun go down this evening. The sun sets at this time of the year more or less through the Dane Valley gap revealing the Cheshire Plain, past The Cloud at Bosley. Not the best sunset we've had this year by any means, but pretty good. Last bit of the sunset lost in a cloudbank moving in over the Mersey. Maybe rain tomorrow?
We were up before dawn today, so we trotted off over Roach End and watched the sun rise over the moors around Three Shires Head - believe it or not, there were three amateur photographers there already at 05:10 am!!
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