It’s been evident for about a week now that the pigeons who nest in our garden & outbuildings have been finding early ripening bilberries - the purple pigeon poo splashed all over the place is a bit of a giveaway!

July marks the start of the moorland Bilberry season. These precious fruits grow wild all over the gritstone moorland and are plentiful on The Roaches. 

These wonderful blue pearls are the culinary highlight of the Peak District year & the transformation that adding a small handful to the filling of an otherwise "ordinary" apple pie is beyond mere words can describe.

Certainly well worth the effort of getting out on the hillside with a plastic tub to do a bit of "hunter/gathering" - especially if you have children. It can absorb them productively for hours!

All we need now is a little warm weather to make sitting for hours, carefully “rolling” each berry off it’s stalk, a bit less demanding - 15 degrees Celsius with a stiff breeze just won’t do at my age!