Not at Roachside, but not far away & opposite our home, a self-builder is renovating an old stone cottage not unlike Roachside Cottage.

In creating a new access, they’ve dug out a small mountain of “Roaches Series” gritstone & they’re employing a stone mason to put it to good use.

For the record, this type of stone was laid down in a gigantic  river delta bigger than that of the Mississippi, about 315 - 326 million years ago(Namurian Period). It extends in a great swathe from Mow Cop (where we live), across the Dark Peak and resurfaces in the Ardennes in Belgium. 

Isn't it wonderful that there are still people who can do this massively labour-intensive and skilled work and that there are still people prepared to spend the money to employ them to carry on their craft?

Top marks I say!