In these northern latitudes, when nothing exciting is happening, we talk about the weather.

This time last year, we had a few nights at Roachside ourselves & spent the long evenings of a lovely warm mid-June, out walking and cycling about the southwest part of the Peak District.

What a contrast this year. It's been overcast again, it's been very windy, it's been positively cold and it's even drizzled a bit now and then - just enough to damp-off the hay which was supposed to be drying in the fields. 

Despite this lack of warm sunshine, the countryside is still very dry. There's hardly a mud patch anywhere to leave a bootprint in. Scout hasn't had to be towelled down for weeks now

This evening we took a wander up on The Cloud and looked back towards The Roaches. There was nobody else about. Perhaps that's not surprising!

On the upside, the weather forecast just announced that it's about to get a lot sunnier and warmer - roll on!