This is Brambles.

Brambles is an American Great Horned Owl.

How cool is it when your neighbour asks you in to meet the latest addition to his collection of Owls?

Brambles has had to be taken away from Mum because, when there is more than one chick in the nest, the weaker of the two is likely to be killed either by a parent or the dominant chick.

Good job that our friend Phil was able to offer a new home where Brambles can grow up with the company of Ruby (European Eagle Owl) and Alan (Indian Eagle Owl), not to mention the various Barn Owls, Long Eared Owls & Little Owls who live in the various buildings and hollow trees hereabouts. The Roaches, Back Forest and the Meerbrook Valley have an extraordinary population of native owls.

Brambles could easily grow to have a span of up to 1.5 metres and live for 30+ years. One once celebrated a 50th birthday!

Phil has been taking in orphaned Owls almost forever and it's not at all unusual to see him out and about along by Roachside with one or other of these majestic birds sitting on his gauntlet. Do say hello to him - he won't bite - promise!😉