I snapped a picture of the ducks at Rudyard today & it set me thinking about how “Duck” is used in our local North Staffordshire dialect (or "Nowth Staffycher" as we say!)

“Ay up duck” is possibly the most useful three-word term you can master. It can mean any of the following;

"Hello my dear" (to one’s wife/girlfriend etc., as a term of endearment)

"Look out!" (Don’t slip on that wet floor)

"Look out, I’m coming through!" (when shouted from a bicycle without a bell)

"Excuse me, bar tender!" (To get attention)

"Hello mate, how are you?" (As a greeting to a close friend. Sometimes used in its full form “Ay up duck, at thee owe reyght?”.

Of course, it can also be used as a friendly greeting to a duck!