Followers of these pages will know that we've been on a mission to establish a small woodland in our garden here at Roachside Cottage. The garden used to provide all the food for the family who lived here in the early part of the last century - a Herculean task given the 1100 foot elevation and exposure to the wild west wind!

Over the years since the cottage became derelict, the brambles and bracken took over and the entire plot was a mass of tangled undergrowth. Clearing all this and planting small trees has been a task of hard labour for us and a couple of  friends during the last few weeks when we've been able to "meet with a friend for outdoor exercise and recreation" . But, for people of a certain age, the work is quite demanding.

Fortunately, the Adventure Sports students from Buxton & Leek College, were looking for some sites to plant as part of their Environmental Awareness module. 

They came with the boundless energy one might expect of young people aiming for a career as Outdoor Pursuits Instructors, Mountain Guides and the like. With the air temperature at a chilly 5 degrees and a brisk northerly wind, they were soon down to working in tee shirts!

Oh to be young again!

Thank you young people, and good luck with your ambitions.