The last few days have been pretty wild for weather, with high winds and lashing rain. That's a bit sad for our guests who've probably been making a detailed study of the cottage library and playing games of Scrabble.

This morning the wind had dropped a fair bit, but the rain was still a steady drizzle. The cloudbase was right down to the ground and was thick enough to make the world seem in twilight. That's how it was when we arrived for the morning dog-plod at Rudyard. (This is where we go when the weather is grim enough to dissuade us from heading into the hills).

With wellies. wide-brimmed hat and long raincoat on, we set off down the lakeside. Within a few moments the rain had stopped. No more than another hundred metres and  the sun suddenly burst forth and a moment or two more and all traces of the thick cloud had evaporated. By the time we reached the Dam Head, the gloom had largely returned,

The weather patterns on the western edge of the Peak District can be weird at times.

 The lakeside properties of Sandy Point, Fortside  & The Lady of the Lake in brilliant autumn sun this morning