As we frequently do, on the way to Roachside to undertake a changeover of guests this morning, we stopped for a Scoutie Scamper at Rudyard Lake.

As we walked along the old railway track, we came across a convoy of white vans parked filling the track. Some were small but most were quite large with loading ramps at the rear. The “crews” of these assembled vehicles were gathered round a chap with a clipboard - like World War 2 bomber crews undergoing a briefing about tonight’s raid. As we got closer, they began to disperse and commenced loading huge “luggage trolleys” with masses of equipment.

Obviously a fishing competition about to commence! We walked as far as The Lady of the Lake & then wandered back. As we did so, even the miniature railway had been pressed into service.

Clearly some seriously challenging fish at Rudyard.

It looked more like an invasion force than a way of escaping from the family for a few hours, sitting motionless & staring at some water.