Covid-19 (updated 17/11/20)

Following the most recent Cabinet Office Directive, we have now cancelled all bookings for holidays in November through to mid-December. The situation will be re-evaluated as things become clearer. It is obviously possible that late December bookings will have to be cancelled too. Please revisit this page periodically for updates.

Meanwhile, we are accepting provisional bookings for 2021 on a "no deposit" basis - i.e. we will reserve dates for guests, but on the basis that they may be cancelled at very short notice by either party due to whatever circumstances prevail at the time.

Potential visitors from other countries should make themselves aware of the restrictions on leaving their own location and the restrictions placed on those entering the UK by the UK Government (which can vary dependent on perceived risk).

We'll re-open as soon as it's safe to do so.

Stay safe everyone!

Roachside Cottage is situated just yards from the gateway into the beautiful Roaches Estate, a former private estate and grouse moor, now owned by the Peak Park and cared for by the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

I’m Rob and, together with my dog Scout, I want to introduce visitors to this part of the Peak District National Park. We’d argue that it is the most wonderful walking country there is – but then, we walk here all the time. Miles and miles every week. Indeed, one of us has spent 60 years wandering the paths and climbing the cliffs without ever tiring of it.

We’re lucky enough to own this lovingly restored old crofter’s cottage. It is situated in the most stunning location, with access onto the crags right outside the door.